Why Choose Us

TelUPay is committed to revolutionize the financial industry through the development of comprehensive mobile solutions.

TelUPay's "4th Generation" products will empower the three emerging channels which are most likely to gain rapid market share in the new mobile payments ecosystem. Key unique selling points in TelUPay's strategy is its own "bank-grade clearing solution" to radically reduce costs and the development of tactical compliance partnerships with Retail Banks.

Retail Exchanges

Reduction in transaction costs & reduced queing time

Substantially lowering fees to retailers by processing payments and other financial transactions outside of the current banking and credit card infrastructure.

Improved loyalty programs & rich data

Ensuring retailers can collect and keep the data related to their customer behavior and measure changing behaviors.

Finance & ATM Operators

Cash replacement

TelUPay will offer ATM Operators a new breed of revenue enabling mobile cash technologies and related services to reduce cash handling costs.

Immediate payments

TelUPay will enable the ATM operators to generate new revenues in 'the global trend of immediate payments' provision.


Enabling platform & legal framework

To date, Telcos have been limited to offering closed loop card in wallet solutions such as Google and PayPal.

TelUPay will in partnership with banks, offer full grade white-labeled banking solutions (regulated) to Telcos in strategic markets where cash replacement has been limited due to poor banking infrastructure and ACH settlement.