Products & Solutions

TelUPay's products and solutions are efficient, reliable and secure allowing you to concentrate on the particular needs of your business.


TelUPay's mWallet is a stand-alone, server-side, mobile account technology specifically designed for Mobile Operators, Money Transfer Operators and other large network operators. TelUPay's mWallet is a full-featured mobile account with all the security (encryption) and functionality that is found in TelUPay's MBPS service. The low cost operation of mobile mWallet accounts provides TelUPay's clients with the maximum flexibility in its marketing initiatives and customer acquisition/retention strategies.

TelUPay's system can be configured where unbanked consumers get an mWallet account upon enrolling in the service. Unbanked consumers must comply with the appropriate KYC requirements. The unbanked consumer would load their accounts with funds via POS terminals or at participating banks or other merchant encashment locations.


TelUPay's mobile payment solutions equip merchants to accept mobile payments, boosting their revenue and ensure that customers can pay fast and securely.

Products and Services

Mobile Banking & Payments Service

TelUPay has developed a proven and secure mobile money and payments technology designed for banks,
mobile network operators, money transfer operators, credit card companies and other financial institutions.

Account Enrollment


Enroll in a service via bank account, 16-digit debit/credit cards, phone number add additional accounts, add accounts from multiple banks, credit/debit cards, email accounts for transaction receipts, etc.

Balance Inquiry

Balance Inquiry

Check the balance of your enrolled accounts.

Mini Statements

Mini Statement

Request Mini-statement for account.

Fund Transfer

P2P Funds Transfers

P2P transfer funds between two banks.
(Domestic and International)

mWallet Transfer

mWallet Transfer

Transfer funds to mWallet account (ideal for the unbanked).

Mobile Phone Top Up

Mobile Phone Top up

Top up credits on your phone and other people's phones.

Pay Bills

Bill Payments

Pay a bill, merchant or organization: This includes most credit cards, utility bills, loans, school tuition fees and communication companies.

Pay Bills

Bill Presentment
with Call-To-Action

Scheduled payments and system generated messaging with call to action function. Reminder capability for corporates.

Send Money Overseas

Mobile Money Transfer

For a small fee you can pay another person, company or account held anytime, anywhere.

Transaction History

Transaction History

View transaction history (SMS-Short Message Service & GPRS General Packet Radio Service)



Save your most frequent transactions: Fund Transfers, Mobile phone top up, Bill Payments, etc. simplifying the next transaction.



Change Mobile PIN or ATM PIN using mobile application.

Pay Out Inquiry

Pay Out Inquiry

Agent Application - check and pay beneficiaries for remittances.

View or Cancel Pending Payments

View or Cancel
Pending Payments

Scheduled payments can be viewed or cancelled at your convenience.

Pay family, friends and other accounts

Pay family, friends
& other accounts

Make a payment using a mobile phone number or sort code and account number. This could be to your accounts held with other banks, family, friends or organizations not listed in 'Pay a bill or organization' above.

Mobile ATM (ATM Lite)

Mobile ATM (ATM Lite)

This product enables consumers to have all the facilities of an ATM service. Registration with the user's bank allows the consumer to pre-authorize an amount of money to be available to spend. This can be in the form of paying for goods and services or enabling fast cash access. Registered retailers will be linked to the users mobile and be paid securely for goods or guaranteed finds when offering cash back.

The available funds are held centrally in a Nostro account on behalf of the participating bank. Settlement can be done daily or more frequently. The benefit to the consumer is ready access to liquid funds whether holding a bank account or not. The benefit to the retailer is they can reduce their cash holding and therefore save costs, and the benefit to the banks is they retain access to the "available "funds until they are spent.


TelUPay's portfolio of its '4th Generation' technology is an ATM enabling technology which leverages banks existing global investments in ATM networks to compliment them by: