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Perseverando Hernandez

Director (Executive) – TelUPay International Inc.

President – TelUPay SE Asia

Mr. Hernandez, co-founder of Telupay, has largely been involved in establishing and managing various companies ranging from engineering design, software development and real estate construction. Previously, Mr. Hernandez was the President and CEO of X-Eye Solutions Inc, a solution provider for the security & surveillance industry. Mr. Hernandez was also the Chairman of Macro Machinery & Industrial Supply Inc., a mechanical engineering design group and a manufacturer’s representative for the Philippine market. Prior to Macro Machinery, Mr. Hernandez was the CFO and a BOD of Xinapse, Inc., a developer of tailor-fitted business solutions for private companies and government agencies throughout the Philippines. Mr. Hernandez is a graduate of University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering.