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Michael John Greenup

Director – TelUPay International Inc.

Mr. Greenup spent 16 years working as SHIRE Councilor and President/Mayor. Mr. Greenup also served on two Public ASX Companies as both executive and non-executive positions and two private companies at directorship levels.

In the early 1970s, Mr. Greenup started Mclarty & Greenup, a contracting business that carried out rural pursuits such as hay carting and restoration of old wooden rail fencing. In 1976, he created a business from Mclarty & Greenup called Pinjarra Rural Hay, which supplied, fed and exported live sheep to the Middle East. In 1986 he initiated a new venture called Murry River North, a business that carried out construction works for Aboriginal housing in remote areas of Australia. In 1998 Mr. Greenup started a business called Chaff City, a supplier and manufacturer of animal food and feeds in the equine industry.

Today, Mr. Greenup spends a lot of time sourcing materials in China for the mining industry and at the same time, managing his other personal investments.