About Us

Adrian C. Ansell

President, CEO & Director (Executive - TelUPay International Inc.)

Mr. Ansell, co-founder of Telupay, brings a wealth of business and high tech experience to the company. Mr. Ansell was the primary architect responsible for the overall design of Telupay's mobile banking and payment technology. As a Electronics Technologist and a Business Graduate, Mr. Ansell recognized that the mobile banking and payment industry was going to be one of the largest emerging industries over the next 10 years and has, with his team of technologists, created the “Next Generation” of mobile banking and payment technologies leveraging Telupay as one of the key leaders in this compelling industry.

Prior to Telupay, Mr. Ansell was actively involved in the development of numerous new businesses ranging from the health industry, to an online payment firm eCharge Corporation. Mr. Ansell invented the original concept for eCharge and later managed its strategic Telco partnerships across the United States. Mr. Ansell and his partners raised more than US $135 million to build the company to over 200 employees before he left for other business opportunities.

In the early years, after Mr. Ansell graduated from University, he worked in sales, sales management and marketing positions with several major corporations including, Intermec Systems Corporation (Litton Industries), Honeywell, Robert Shaw Controls and MCC Powers.