Who We Are

TelUPay has developed the “Next Generation” of secure mobile banking and payments technology designed for banks, mobile operators (MNOs), money transfer operators (MTOs), payment processors, retailers/merchants, credit card companies, microfinance, large corporations and other financial institutions.

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What We Do


A stand-alone, server-side, mobile account technology specifically designed for Mobile Operators, Money Transfer Operators and other large network operators.


Mobile payment solutions equip merchants to accept mobile payments, boosting their revenue and ensures that customers can pay fast and securely.


Mobile money & payments technology designed for banks, mobile network operators, money transfer operators, credit card companies and other financial institutions.


Enables consumers to have all the facilities of an ATM service. Registration with the user’s bank allows the consumer to pre-authorize an amount of money to be available to spend.


TelUPay’s portfolio of its ‘4th Generation’ technology is an ATM enabling technology which leverages banks existing global investments in ATM networks...

Why Choose Us

TelUPay's "4th Generation" products will empower the three emerging channels which are most likely to gain rapid market share in the new mobile payments ecosystem. Key unique selling points in TelUPay's strategy is its own "bank-grade clearing solution" to radically reduce costs and the development of tactical compliance partnerships with Retail Banks.

Our Clients & Partners

Since the beginning of 2010, we've managed to develop and establish a strong network of partners and clients both locally and internationally.