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About TelUPay

In late 2009, the founders of TelUPay noticed the opportunity and necessity of building a "bank-grade," secure, mobile banking and payment platform. The founders reached out and found an enterprising team of young men that built Globe Telecom's mobile remittance platform for G-Cash in 2005. These pioneers in mobile banking came together with the founders and formed TelUPay in early 2010.

TelUPay International Inc. (OTCQB:TLPY) is the parent company of the TelUPay Group, which has developed the “Next Generation” of secure mobile banking and payments technology designed for banks, mobile operators (MNOs), money transfer operators (MTOs), payment processors, retailers/merchants, credit card companies, microfinance, large corporations and other financial institutions.

The TelUPay Group customizes its services and continuously develops new mobile applications that derive new revenue streams for its clients. Using best-of-breed technology, TelUPay’s bank-grade mobile banking and payment service uses the most secure encryption technology available today for both the bank and the end-user. TelUPay’s mobile service includes; transfers between accounts, peer-to-peer fund transfers (remittances) both domestically and internationally, bill payments, merchant payments, mobile airtime purchases, balance inquiries, mPOS transactions, both Card Present and Card Not Present and a host of other services designed to provide the ultimate convenience to the consumer at the lowest possible cost.