Nov 08 2011

UCPB partners with TelUPay (Philippines), Inc.

UCPB is expanding its phone banking service to cover mobile phone users and has tapped TelUPay (Philippines), Inc. (TPI) to provide the technology. TelUPay is a subsidiary of the UK-based TelUPay Plc., a leading provider of mobile banking applications. In photo (from left) are Melvin Guanzon, UCPB senior vice president; Ramon TaƱafranca, UCPB executive vice-president; Norman Martin Reyes, UCPB senior vice president; Jose Luis Romero-Salas, TPI president and chief executive officer; and Perseverando Hernandez, TPI director. With them are Adrian Ocampo, TPI technical operations and development manager; Charina de la Cruz, UCPB product manager; and Percival De Leon, TPI core development team leader.

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