Sep 10, 2010

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (PSE: MBT) using TelUPay's proprietary technology launches the next generation secure mobile banking service to their 3 million Filipino customers.


TelUPay PLC today makes the following announcement:
September 10, 2010, Jersey – TelUPay PLC, through its Philippine subsidiary, TelUPay (Philippines) Inc., has delivered secure mobile banking technologies and signed a 5-year service agreement with Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (PSE: MBT), the second largest bank in the Philippines. The Metrobank branded mobile banking service will be offered to Metrobank’s 3 million customers who will use the service for balance inquiries, fund transfers, mobile airtime purchases, bill payments and a wide-range of other mobile banking services.

“We are very pleased to have such a prestigious bank to launch our fully secure mobile banking service in the Philippines,” states Mr. Adrian Ansell, Co-Founder and Director of TelUPay. “Metrobank and TelUPay have worked together for over a year to customize a next-generation secure mobile banking and payments service specifically designed for the most sophisticated mobile banking consumer in the world.” The Philippines is well known worldwide for pioneering mobile banking services over the last ten years and has one of the largest user bases of any country.

TelUPay integrated its mobile banking technology directly into Metrobank’s core banking system to provide a comprehensive real-time mobile banking service for Metrobank’s 3 million customers.

Through TelUPay’s two-factor authentication process and sophisticated encryption engine built into every mobile client, Metrobank customers are able to enjoy enhanced convenience and security in mobile banking. “The customized product developed by TelUPay is a breakthrough in mobile banking technology,” states Mr. Richard So, Senior Vice President of Metrobank. “It will provide Metrobank’s customers secure access to a full range of financial products and services in real-time”.

“In addition to increased security and convenience, TelUPay’s technology is Telco independent, which is an important factor for today’s upwardly mobile banking public,” adds Mr. So. “This will enable Metrobank clients to easily use the service anytime, anywhere in the world, no matter what mobile network they use.”

About Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)
Metrobank is the premier universal bank and among the foremost financial institutions in the Philippines. It offers a full range of banking and other financial products and services, including corporate, commercial and consumer banking, as well as credit card, remittances, leasing, investment banking and trust banking. It currently spans an extensive consolidated network of over 1,200 automated teller machines (ATMs) nationwide, over 730 local branches, and 42 foreign branches, subsidiaries and representative offices.

For inquiries, please contact Metrobank 24/7 Customer Hotline at +63 2 8700-700, or log on to For provincial areas, call toll-free 1-800-1888-5775.

About TelUPay PLC
TelUPay PLC is the parent company of the TelUPay Group, which group has developed the next generation of secure mobile banking and payments technology designed for banks, mobile operators, credit card companies and other financial institutions. TelUPay Group’s technology enables its clients to offer their own “client branded” secure mobile banking and payments service to their customers. TelUPay Group customizes its services and continuously develops new mobile applications that derive new revenue streams for its clients. Using best-of-breed technology, TelUPay Group’s bank-grade mobile banking service uses the most secure encryption technology available today for both the bank and the end-user. TelUPay Group’s mobile service includes; transfers between accounts, peer-to-peer fund transfers (remittances) both domestically and internationally, bill payments, merchant payments, mobile airtime purchases, balance inquiries and a host of other services designed to provide the ultimate convenience to the consumer at the lowest possible cost.
TelUPay PLC is incorporated in St. Helier, Jersey. For more information visit

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